Muffler, Line or Exhaust Pipe: What Are the Differences on a Motorbike?

Having the means to customize your motorcycle is every biker's dream. One of the most crucial steps is to change the exhaust system. It should be remembered that adaptable exhausts have more design than original pipes. Choosing between a complete line change or just the muffler is always a real headache for motorcyclists.

What is a muffler?

A muffler, also called an exhaust pipe, is a component that makes up the exhaust of a motorcycle. It is a device, in the form of a cartridge, placed between an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. It is used to reduce the noise of gas at its exit from the engine. Note that the first reason for an exhaust change is always sound. Currently, there are several brands available on the market. The most popular are Akrapovic, Yoshimura, MIVV or Leo Vince. They are especially known for their louder and different sounds from the original BMW Motorcycle exhausts.

Changing your muffler for style, safety, and fun

The reason for each change depends on the individual biker: there are those who change for safety reasons and there are those who do it simply to please the eye. However, you risk a fine of around €1,500 if your exhaust pipe makes too much noise. In the worst case, your motorcycle could be banned from the track. However, many motorcyclists change the muffler to give their bikes style. The choice of materials is really multiple: carbon, stainless steel, steel, titanium, etc. All you have to do is give your bike a makeover according to your taste and desire.

Changing your exhaust line for performance

If you are more of a power enthusiast, then changing the whole line is advisable. Although it's an important part of your motorcycle's performance, changing the exhaust line will only give you a little extra power. It is the weight loss generated by this change that will contribute to the performance of your motorcycle. A complete line change will often require a tune-up on the power bench in order to benefit from a better performance in this area. This consists of adjusting the carburetor or injection to benefit from a very good ratio in endurance as well as in power. In short, changing the complete line or only the exhaust pipe will make your motorcycle look better. Performance is only a small bonus.
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