Motorcycle protections

The Jet Motorcycle Helmet: Lighter and More Comfortable

A motorcycle helmet is a kind of protective tool that is intended for the practice of motorcycling. For this purpose, it has a vocation to ensure the protection of the motorcyclist’s head more particularly the skull. In fact, the helmet…

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Advantages of a Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

For motorcycles, there are many models of full-face helmets. Because it protects the whole face, the full-face helmet is considered the best. For optimum safety, many motorists who simply like to ride at high speeds, prefer the full-face helmet alternative….

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What Size of Motorcycle Gloves to Choose? The Size Guide

Motorcycle gloves are part of the equipment a motorcyclist must have. They are also an indispensable tool to ensure your safety and comfort, especially when riding in winter. But to enjoy comfort, you need to choose the right pair. To…

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