A Motorcycle Windshield: How Useful?

Motorcycle windshields aren't the sexiest accessory you can buy, but they can certainly be one of the most effective. Windshields give you the protection you need once you hit the road. A motorcycle windshield will also protect the driver. By eliminating fatigue and distractions with a windshield, your ride will be much safer and you'll have more fun because you won't have to worry about these things.

Increased protection

Motorcycle windshields are designed to provide protection from wind, insects and flying debris. In inclement weather, a windshield provides added comfort and protection from the elements. Rain or shine, a BMW Motorcycle windshields makes weather a secondary consideration when riding on two wheels. This is especially important when you’re miles away from home and you don't have the time, money or luxury to spend a rainy day in a dry, warm motel room. Comfort and fun always come first. Staying warm and dry extends your driving time and allows you to drive more miles safely.

Reduce fatigue

Reducing the wind blowing on you helps to reduce fatigue over long distances. When the wind attracts you, you work harder to keep your posture upright and tighten the bars more firmly. Your arms are pulled forward to counter the force of the wind. After hours of driving, you begin to tighten your back and shoulder muscles, as well as your forearms and hands. But with the wind protection, you can loosen the handlebars, relax your shoulders further and loosen your body. This will help you avoid general fatigue and at the end of the day you will be less exhausted.

More economical riding

Motorcycle windshields are designed to be aerodynamic and, in most cases, will allow you and your bike to move more efficiently against the wind. The degree of efficiency depends on the surface of the windshield, but a smooth, uniform surface cuts the wind better than any exposed part of your motorcycle. When it comes to improving fuel efficiency, a windshield makes sense. It's probably not much, but every little detail counts.
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