How and with What to Charge Your Motorcycle Battery?

The motorcycle battery is in the wear and tear category. You can charge it after each discharge, but sooner or later it will run out of power. That said, its life span depends on how you maintain it.

How do you charge your motorcycle battery efficiently?

Regular maintenance extends the life of the battery. It has been proven by motorcyclists' experience that a low-end, unmaintained battery would last about 2 years, whereas with good quality and regular maintenance, it can last up to 10 years. The longevity of your battery also depends on the quality of the charger you use. The low price of a low-end motorcycle battery charger can be attractive, but considering the long-term impact of your purchase, you will have every interest in getting the best quality. You'll save a lot of money by buying a good battery and charger, even if they are more expensive. Visit to see high-performance models and get the best deals on motorcycle kits and accessories.

How do you maintain your motorcycle battery on a daily basis?

The performance and life of your battery doesn't just depend on regular maintenance during recharging. You also need to know and apply the right things to do on a daily basis. First of all, there are simple steps you can take to check the condition of your battery at any time. Turn on the ignition to see if the lights come on. If not, the battery is dead. However, when you can't start your motorcycle, it doesn't necessarily mean the battery is dead. It may be that the housing is cracked. Before using a motorcycle battery charger, disassemble the battery to see the fluid level if it is an acid battery. If the level does not reach the recommended level, pour demineralized or distilled water to top up.

What should I use to recharge my motorcycle battery?

The use of a motorcycle battery charger that is well suited for your battery will guarantee its life. It is often mistakenly thought that car battery chargers do the trick! But they are not suitable because the current they deliver is too high for a motorcycle battery. It would also be a mistake to start your motorcycle by connecting its battery with clamps to another battery. You would risk destroying it for good! Always be careful to use a motorcycle battery charger that delivers the right amount of current. For a battery with a capacity of 20 Ah for example, the charge should not exceed 2A.
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