The Jet Motorcycle Helmet: Lighter and More Comfortable

A motorcycle helmet is a kind of protective tool that is intended for the practice of motorcycling. For this purpose, it has a vocation to ensure the protection of the motorcyclist's head more particularly the skull. In fact, the helmet cushions the impact with natural obstacles or the ground in case of a fall. In general, there are four types of motorcycle helmets, the jet helmet is one of them. 

What are the different models of a jet motorcycle helmet?

Currently, there are several models of a jet motorcycle helmet: -The Shark Drak jet helmet is the most popular helmet model of the moment; -The Sport Astone minijet helmet: its shell is made of polycarbonate resin, which guarantees its resistance and strength to impact; -The N124 Nox jet helmet: this one is characterized by its own integrated sunscreen as well as the ability to combine a real look; -The Caberg Riviera V3 Gun Metal jet helmet: this model is perfectly equipped and is suitable for road riding. For more information, follow this link.

How to choose the right jet motorcycle helmet?

There are a few essential points that must be taken into account when buying a jet motorcycle helmet. First of all, it is important to choose a motorcycle helmet with a screen. The latter allows to protect the eyes and the face from insects as well as from dust or also from the air which can be quickly annoying. Secondly, it is essential to try the jet motorcycle helmet before choosing it, because if the visors and the screen are not properly fitted in the faces, it can become a major annoyance. And if you wear glasses, it is also important to put them in the helmet. Finally, it is important that the helmet foams are slightly tightened, because in time they will settle.

What are the advantages of a jet motorcycle helmet?

First of all, a jet motorcycle helmet is very practical for urban use with a low aspect ratio because it offers a very wide field of visibility and it is perfectly good in terms of ventilation. Besides, it's lightweight; the jet motorcycle helmet is lighter and more comfortable. It has a chin strap closure that is practically secured with a micrometric buckle mechanism. This helmet is very effective because it provides increased protection for the rider and it so practical and easy to handle.
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