The liveliest top rallies in the history of the WRC

The WRC (World Rally Championship) is one of the major and prestigious competitions organised by the International Automobile Federation (IAF). Created in 1979, this championship offers legendary events across different roads around the world, whether on snow, dirt or asphalt. Since its creation, this competition has offered thrills to drivers and spectators alike. To make you happy, here are some of the stages classified as the most lively of the WRC.

Rally events on asphalt

Heats on asphalt are very rare in the history of the WRC rally. In general, the races take place on closed asphalt roads. As far as the WRC's toughest asphalt events are concerned, two rallies are at the top of the rankings: Monte Carlo Rally and Rally Deutscland. - Monte-Carlo Rally: A winter competition, Monte-Carlo Rally is considered to be the hardest and most dangerous of the asphalt rallies. Indeed, with its very winding, narrow and slippery roads, this rally frequently features off-roading and spinouts. In addition, all 16 events take place in the High Alps and the cliffs. - Rally Deutscland: Generally practised on asphalt, Rally Deutscland sometimes takes place on concrete and gravel roads. Thus, the risks of punctures are very numerous. In addition, this round has a lot of off-roading.

Rallys on snow

In winter, Monte Carlo Rally can also be practised on snow or slippery roads. However, the reputation of the one and only rally on snow is attributed to Rally Sweden. Indeed, Rally Sweden is one of the most difficult rounds of the WRC. The Scandinavian events take place on roads that are constantly covered in snow. As a result, the driving is very tricky. Despite off-roading and spinnning, the rally has long been dominated by Swedish and Finnish drivers. Unfortunately, due to a lack of snow and ice, the 2020 edition of Rally Sweden is cancelled. As a result, Estonian Ott Tänak is still the title holder of Rally Sweden.

WRC rallies on land

- Kenya Rally or the Safari Rally: last seen in 2002, the WRC's toughest rally is back this year. Historically, Kenya Rally has featured the longest and most dangerous stages of the WRC rallies. - Finland Rally: Otherwise known as the 1000 Lakes Rally, Finland Rally is the best competition in the world. Even with very short stages, this rally is still very dangerous because of the routes between the trees and by the lakes.
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