How do you maintain the interior of your race car?

In order to remain highly efficient and keep an attractive look, a race car deserves special attention. Whether it's the interior, the bodywork or the rims, there are good practices to follow to ensure that your car is maintained efficiently. In addition, special care is required depending on the fabrics and saddlery materials used for the seats and floor of the vehicle. Here are some essential tips to better maintain your racing car.

Use quality products for the maintenance of your racing car

Often made from leather, sports car seats must be maintained with suitable products. There are special leather wipes available that provide regular nourishment and long-lasting protection for the seats. Just like the dashboard, the other parts of the passenger compartment require careful cleaning. Whether plastic, wood or aluminium, car interior maintenance requires meticulous work and, above all, quality products. The essential equipment for a racing car can be found in a motor sport shop. Furthermore, for optimal driver protection, protective equipment is indispensable. For this reason, you should not hesitate to look for the right equipment in a motor sport shop.

Vacuuming the interior of the car

The cleaning of a car should always start with a vacuuming operation. This removes the dirt and especially the dust that infects racing cars. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the interior of your race car so that the vehicle always remains efficient. It is advisable to vacuum the seats, the other rear areas of the car, as well as the carpets and rugs in turn. For perfect cleaning, don't forget to vacuum the boot and the area around the steering wheel and gear lever. A racing car should be vacuumed with a quality hoover with sufficient power to extract the dust.

Dusting plastics and cleaning windows

During a race, a lot of dust is deposited on the car's dashboard, gear lever and steering wheel. For optimal cleaning, you should start by removing dust from these different areas. It's important to note that dust removal is a different process from plastic de-dusting. Once the dust has been removed and the passenger compartment vacuumed, the windows can then be washed. Both the interior and exterior of the windows must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure driver comfort. For perfect window cleaning, it is advisable to use quality sprays suitable for washing car windows.
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