How to use a torque spanner?

If you've come across this page, you're looking for a torque spanner user guide. Indeed, here is a simple guide that will allow you to use any type of torque spanner.

Trigger mechanism: how does it work?

First of all, you must remember that a torque spanner is a spanner used to tighten a screw, nut, bolt or stud. However, it differs from conventional spanners in that the torque is controllable and mastered. The choice of torque depends on the type of mechanical part you are going to tighten. The value is usually expressed in Nm. Tightening is generally controlled by the existence of a release mechanism. This tells you when you have to stop tightening. The release system will not be the same on the different models available on the market. Therefore, you should read the operating instructions for each model. 

Choosing the tightening torque

Usually, the torque can be selected by means of a digital display or calipers. For the digital display you will not have any difficulty in selecting, as you will see the value directly on your spanner. On the other hand, if the torque spanner is equipped with calipers, you have to turn the knob manually to reach the desired torque. The value will be visible on a scale. Note that torque spanners with calipers are easier to use. As far as the choice of value is concerned, it depends on the mechanical work you are doing. In general, the tightening torque depends on the mechanical part. Therefore, the value will be recorded in a user manual. If this is not the case, do some research on the Internet.

What is the calibration of a torque spanner?

You should be aware that torque spanners must meet the standards before they can be offered for sale. Therefore, the spanner must be subject to strict calibration and control. You must be careful not to drop a torque spanner, otherwise everything will go wrong. Always take care to store the spanner in its case. During mechanical work, you must also make sure that the parts are not too tight. A tightening error can have many consequences. In a word, this information can help you to use a torque spanner easily.
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