Protect and connect your motorbike with specialised equipment

Faced with the increase in motorbike theft, it is obvious to take an interest in the question of the safety of one's two-wheeler. Whether it is a new motorbike or not, it is essential to protect it with specialized equipment. Of course, anti-theft locks and closed garages already exist. However, these do not prevent theft by criminals. In this case, more innovative solutions have been designed. These include GPS trackers, connected alarms and fall and accident detectors. Here are the different devices and their respective advantages.

The GPS tracker for motorbikes

The GPS motorbike tracker is the most popular equipment to protect a motorbike from theft. In fact, the beacon greatly helps to track the two-wheeler at all times. This tracker is sold in the form of a box that the biker must conceal on the motorbike. When it is activated, it allows the motorbike to be detected while in motion. In this case, a signal will be sent to the phone according to the motorbike's geographical location. Depending on the model of the motorbike tracker, this alarm can be a phone call, a message or an email. There is a wide range of GPS trackers for motorbikes on the market today. You can choose a tracker with or without a SIM card. Then there are also trackers with or without subscription, etc. When making your choice, it is essential to consider the autonomy, the size of the device, the waterproofness and the subscription. In addition, don't forget to find out about the telephone network used. 

The motorbike alarm

There is also a range of connected motorbike alarm types on the market. This is a reliable piece of equipment for protecting and connecting a two-wheeler. It is a high-performance system dedicated specifically to optimise the safety of your motorbike. You can choose the alarm with electronic system that ensures remote triggering of the alarm. In addition to this, it allows efficient monitoring of the latter in real time. The mechanical system is also an ideal alarm to protect a motorbike. In fact, it is made for motorcyclists on a more modest budget. It's a very dissuasive choice and ensures an efficient function. It's a very dissuasive choice and ensures an efficient function. We mainly note the classic U-locks, wheel locks and chains. To benefit from optimal protection for your motorbike, this type of equipment is more valuable than ever. Moreover, the alarm does not only protect your motorbike against theft. It has a more interesting function as well: its protection against curious people who want to touch your two-wheeler. From there, you can prevent your motorbike from falling or being damaged due to curiosity.

Motorbike falls and accidents detector

Of course, to detect motorbike accidents, you need a GPS motorbike tracker. However, you can also opt for an accelerometer. This is a sensor that allows you to detect anomalies in your motorbike. It promises an alert on your phone. The accelerometer ensures optimum reliability in terms of motorbike safety. This equipment is integrated on the motorcyclist's phone. It is used to recover the movements, vibrations and shocks that interact with the mobile phone. It is certainly effective in detecting falls, but it is not as interesting as the motorbike tracker. In any case, the protection of your motorbike will be optimized with specialized equipment, motorbike equipment in different models. Join an online shop to select and buy the right equipment for your motorbike.
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