What type of seat cushion to choose for a motorbike?

A new motorbike seat not only radically changes the look of your motorbike, but can also change your riding experience. While all motorbikes come with a seat as standard equipment, it is not uncommon for a rider to change the seat cushion almost immediately. If you decide to change your seat, there are a few things to consider.

Asking the right questions

Depending on your personal style, driving habits and budget, what do you want to achieve with your new seat cushion? Are you mainly looking to assert your style, or rather focus on functionality and comfort? What kind of driving do you mainly do? How far do you drive regularly? Do you need the support of a deeper, wider seat, or does the standard profile suit you very well? Do you often ride with a passenger? If so, how often? Can you easily place your feet on the floor in the original seat? Is your motorbike exposed to moisture or sunlight? Is it kept inside or outside?

Choosing between foam and gel

The most important element of a motorbike seat, but probably the most neglected, is the cushion's interior material, its characteristics, composition and quality. If you've decided that you'll travel mainly in your small circle, just to get to work or school, then the foam seat will do the trick. The foam seat will offer a lot of comfort for short occasional or even daily trips. On the other hand, if you plan to travel longer distances and sit for a longer period of time, then consider the gel seat. This type of cushion will adapt to your body and provide you with the support you need to ride comfortably for longer periods of time. The support, coupled with the softness, will benefit you in touring applications.

Leather or vinyl?

Will the seat be exposed to the sun for extended periods of time? Will you be riding in the rain, or sitting in the saddle for long rides? You will be able to choose between leather and vinyl. If you are riding your motorbike again in the short closed-loop scenario, vinyl saddle will probably suffice. If you keep your motorbike in a garage and it won't be exposed to the elements, the vinyl could be all you need. However, if you ride longer and are exposed to the elements, leather might be the best option for you. Leather saddle breathes, so it's more resistant to sun exposure. But the choice is not restricted to these two types of cover, you can also use sheep wool, for a warmer saddle in winter. You can also cover your cushion with a mass of wooden bead to circulate air and have a cooler seat in summer.
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